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Manager: Zhang Gaoming
Fax: 0574-88457338
E-mail: web@gl-nb.com
Address: Ningbo Yinzhou Shan Jiang Science and Technology Park
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Ningbo Yinzhou high-Ling Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1989, Ningbo City, Minnesota Industrial Park location, only 1,000 meters from Wen Yong high speed. Professional production of various types of relays Accessories (core, hardware). The company reached an annual production of various types of cores, metal pieces of more than 600 million.

The company has all kinds of professional production equipment more than 50 Taiwan (sets). And 5 million yuan investment, the introduction of imported automatic molding machine more power, production efficiency and product quality on a new level. On the basis of the manufacturing core, this device also can produce all kinds of screws, rivets. The companys products complete specifications, T73, T72,4123, T90,32F, 14F, 4100, nearly 100 varieties, to meet the needs of customers, products sold throughout the country. The company recently invested more than 2.5 million in the Ningbo Yinzhou Shan Jiang Science and Technology Park, the new 5,000 square meters of new plants, expanding production scale, further perfect the production conditions. And the introduction of ISO9001: ". Quality-oriented, painstakingly created; scientific management, first-class quality; quality service and customer satisfaction," as the companys 2000 standard quality management system, the companys quality policy and guidelines, and constantly improve and upgrade the quality of service , strive for better quality and timely and effective services to better meet our customers.