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Several methods outlined screw surface treatment
Source   Published2016/8/8 16:45:17   Views1470

    Surface treatment of screws, according to the trade request is not the same, there are many ways to deal with the surface. By surface treatment can be divided into many ways, such as painting, electroplating, electroless plating, vacuum coating, dip coating, anodizing, sandblasting of the hardened coating, gas accumulation, carburizing, nitriding, surface hardening. Now look on the comparison welcomed by the public, often surfaces approach are the following:
    Plating: Plating will be under the stacked member is immersed in an aqueous solution rich in metal compound, a current through the bath, and the plating metal deposited on the separated parts. Generally plated with zinc, copper, nickel, chromium, copper-nickel alloy, sometimes black, phosphate, also containing the meantime. Electroplating prone to hydrogen embrittlement, the mechanical strength of the workpiece affected.
    Mechanical Plating: plating is mechanical activator, metal powders, the impact of media (glass beads) and a certain amount of water mixed into a paste, together with the workpiece into the drum, the drum roll by means of mechanical energy effects occurring in the activator and the impact of media (glass beads) together under the effect of mechanical bump at room temperature in an iron-based surface gradually constitute zinc coating process.
    HDG: After the steel member is immersed temperature of about 510 molten

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