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Screw Blackening Technology
Source   Published2016/8/8 16:44:05   Views1555

    Blackening blackening is tempered in the heat treatment step, black produced by the process have a variety of specific technical questions about the quality of different companies, these changes directly affect the quality difference between the screw.
    1, the use of waste heat in the process of blackening agent common questions three major categories:
    Doubt screws occurs when the wire phosphating, expressed as phosphate coating is too thick, serious will happen when the sheet fall, affecting black film adhesion. In the heat treatment process will appear after tempering work look red, rusty. The approach to this question, such as screw feed pretreatment before entering the heat treatment, which uses an alkali or acid cleaning methods will remove the phosphate coating the workpiece appearance.
    2, after the heat treatment and tempering the workpiece appearance of red rust occurs, there are several such cases may be caused by:
    (1) phosphate film appearance occurred; (2) heat treatment processing screw into the cleaning tank cleaning fluid buildup in the outer parts, entering the heating furnace outlet temperature is too low, corrosion occurs in water drying process; (3) oil quenching, because of aging or the use of the oil temperature is too high, the formation of carbon quenching oil separation, adsorption workpiece appearance (particularly prevalent in small parts). After entering the furnace, because the role of carbon and temperature, the occurrence of iron oxide, the formation of red rust; (4) water quenching medium long term use of the media to the decrease in the rust rusted parts.
    For the above questions, there are ways to deal with: (1) to remove the phosphate film; heating temperature (2) progressive mesh belt furnace area; (3) the use of oil quenching agent, to a reasonable use of temperature below 60 , in order to the decline in the aging process oil; (4) the furnace carbon potential control, under the premise to ensure that no decarbonization, although perhaps decreased carbon potential; (5) the detected data often water quenching medium, if necessary, to participate in anti-rust agent.
    3, to note here, black agents should be used in the methods of operation rules. Prohibited into acid, alkaline substances, which may damage the black film-forming agent function, we should adhere to the use of temperature between 40-50 , when not in use shall often mixing to adhere to good blackening agent at the same time after the use of cleaning fluid should be noted that, although inorganic salts may prevent the use of cleaning agents, because there are inorganic salts after the water film boring restore function, which will clean the salt solution into the blackening agent, the occurrence of the quantitative mutation to change, after all, the use of functional damage. Black agents use for some time, usually six months, the entire tank must be interchangeable black agents.
    Screw blackened mass of doubt occur in the process you can use the following ways: (1) from the furnace once again in black; (2) to adjust the concentration of blackening agent; (3) After replacing the cleaning solution.

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